Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some build bridges and others build forts

Bekah said she wanted to do school in a tree fort.... well we don't have one... but we have a box fort.... that will do
Christopher has built a bridge out of his own body as he does his math... do I see a future in engineering?


Maureen said...

hahaha...whatever helps them get the work done...you guys are really hittin the books!

Jenn said...

Maureen.. I love that I can always count on you to comment... thank you and yes they are.... June is coming soon.

Karen said...

That box fort looks like a fun place to do school! I wouldn't mind that myself! ;o)

Parsley said...

I thought homeschooling was to be in an uncomfortable chair, at a desk, and in a school uniform. haha

We homeschool too. I think I will get a box as well.

Freedom. Ah how nice!

Jenn said...

Parsley, The box came from Best Buy... it was a flat screen TV box ( no I don't own one) My teens work there... it has been a great thing to have in the house

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