Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stronger - Hillsong 2008 w Lyrics and Chords

The simple woman's daybook

Outside my window...The sky's are gray , grass is green and the dandelions are in full bloom

I am thinking...Today is going to be a long day, we are all tired, and unfortunately in a cranky mood ( something has to change)

I am thankful for...Clothes on my back, food to eat and my worship music

From the learning rooms...Continue to work on Christopher's reading, and Rebekah's math.

From the kitchen...Bread, and cookies need to be made today

I am wearing...Jeans, socks on my feet ( it's a bit chilly) and maroon shirt

I am creating...So many things in my head.... but need to put them into action

I am going...CRAZY

I am reading...CREATIVE BLOGS, ONES THAT INSPIRE ME... sorry about the caps =)

I am hoping...for restoration and rejuvenation

I am hearing... both the dog and the puppy chew on there Dura bones

Around the house...Clutter

One of my favorite things...hmmmmm... a brownie sundae sounds really good right now...yum

A few plans for the rest of the week: Organize the house, get ready for a health and wellness info party, andplant some more plants... I hope?
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
I was having fun showing my 8 yr old niece how to draw pictures with chalk... didn't she do great?
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The simple woman's daybook

Outside my window...Is a very rainy and dreary day, the grass is a bright green and the yellow finches love it.

I am thinking...Lord search my heart and know me.... show me your ways... and direct my path

I am thankful for...my husband who works so hard for us to be able to homeschool our children , and provide for our needs.

From the learning rooms...I will continue to help Christopher with his reading and writing ( he has improved much) and Bekah will continue with her math test.

From the kitchen...So many dishes ( yes my least favorite thing to do )to do and floor to mop

I am wearing...my PJ's still

I am creating...shopping bags, and preparing to be involved in The Pillowcase project

I am going...Wednesday bible study , Breaking free by Beth Moore ( all I can say is ouch)

I am reading...nothing much lately

I am hoping...to make sold plans for summer vacation

I am hearing... Christopher read aloud ( he is doing so well) Bekah eating her cereal, Sona taking a shower, and my very loud key board keys...lol

Around the house...Dust, sleeping dog and puppy, school books etc

One of my favorite things...to do is sew.. i don't do it enough... nor do I take the time to do it... i miss it =(

A few plans for the rest of the week:.... watch my niece and nephews, and get ready for Christopher's Bonfire birthday bash.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

I am loading one of my most favorite past time CD's into my Ipod touch.

If you would like to join us in The Simple Woman's Daybook, please see Peggy for details.

Kody , Coco, and Chris

A Boy and His Dog
Edgar Guest

A boy and his dog make a glorious pair:
No better friendship is found anywhere,
For they talk and they walk and they run and they play,
And they have their deep secrets for many a day;
And that boy has a comrade who thinks and who feels,
Who walks down the road with a dog at his heels.

He may go where he will and his dog will be there,
May revel in mud and his dog will not care;
Faithful he'll stay for the slightest command
And bark with delight at the touch of his hand;
Oh, he owns a treasure which nobody steals,
Who walks down the road with a dog at his heels.

No other can lure him away from his side;
He's proof against riches and station and pride;
Fine dress does not charm him, and flattery's breath
Is lost on the dog, for he's faithful to death;
He sees the great soul which the body conceals--
Oh, it's great to be young with a dog at your heels!

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