Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tablescape Thursday( Bekah's Style)

Bekah has been planning this in her head since that last time she participated .
I love how she placeed the gloves next to this tea set... how elegant.
The tea and ckae is just waiting for this young lady to enjoy with good comapny ...of coarse.
Bekah felt that the blue tea pot braught oput the blue in the tea cup... what do you think?

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Simple womens daybook

FOR TODAY May 18th, 2009
Outside my window...are lilac blowing in the breeze

I am thinking... That I hope Tom and I have good and Godly wisdom to give to those that we care about

I am thankful for...My church and the Pastors

From the learning rooms...Saxon Math and Rod and Staff  Math

From the kitchen... Dish washer is running and bread and bagels will be made for the family to enjoy

I am wearing...sweatshirt  and running pants ( no I don't run)

I am creating...a clean bedroom ( I hope)

I am Worship practice tonight

I am reading...the Bible

I am hoping...the children will obey

I am hearing...giggling when school should be done

Around the house... are piles of things that need my attention

One of my favorite things... Tea and great conversation... which i had yesterday.. thanks Maureen

A few plans for the rest of the week: Completed a full of school, clean the pool, invite kids to swim, mop the floor clean the laundry room

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Isaiah 40:8

 8 The grass withers and the flowers fall, 
       but the word of our God stands forever."

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May 18th, Blue Monday

These are some paintings by N .C. Wyeth that I really enjoy..... and there is some wonderful blues in them also.... My son loves the second one.

 Please join the others at Smiling Sally as they share there Blue Monday

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tablescape Thursday Bekah's Style

Bekah my 10 year old daughter saw some of the beautiful blogs over here, and she thought that she would put together  a place setting to share. These are some of her favorites that she likes that I have in my hutch.
She decided that a hydrangea flower would look lovely on the side of these Currier and Ives plates.
With a nice touch of stripping in the napkin which brings out the pink in the flowered tea cup.
This is one of our very fancy tea cup that  Bekah's Aunt gave to her... she thought it was very pleasant to the eye. Well thank you for looking at Bekah's creation... she is already planning another one. 

If you can take a look at some of the beautiful settings on Between Naps on the Porch 
they are very inspiring .

Tablescape Thursday

Now this is a blog that I would love to participate in. The pictures that the women have posted , I could only dream of having in my home... Some day I would love to be able to have such glamorous things .

 Now in my home because of family and practicality. I have things that I Cherish  hidden in my hutch.... but yet do come out for a little girls tea party, or a women's tea social. 

I have a dream picture  that I would like to share..... I don't even know were I found this....But it is beautiful in my mind.
 So Maybe next time I will bring out my own dishes that are safely put away from this house of life and joy , and share with you my treasures.

Thank for looking at my simple dream... and who knows ... I may be inspired to dust off those things that remain hidden. Please take the time to look at some the the beautiful Tablescapes @ Between Naps on the Porch... they are breath taking


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13th, Outside Wednesday

This picture is a random pic of the kids so eager to play in our pool even if it is only 60 degrees outside....brrrrr
This is the lily of the valley ... one of my grandmother's favorite flowers....I planted it for her.
I have strawberry plants growing in my garden... this the third year... hopefully the bunnies will leave them alone this year.
And finally , Evening Primrose..... this was Mother's day gift to me 2 years ago... it like the early spring.... it was more full with flowers about a week ago....  thank you for looking at my world that surrounds me and my house.....I am looking forward to see more  of everyone Else's outside Wednesday pics take a look over here

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some build bridges and others build forts

Bekah said she wanted to do school in a tree fort.... well we don't have one... but we have a box fort.... that will do
Christopher has built a bridge out of his own body as he does his math... do I see a future in engineering?

Who says you don't learn something every day

Yestersday, we all slept in due to satying up late  and colds that we are fighting off. It was a good thing that we all slept as late as we could... but it is a bit hard to get your day going.

   So we ate our breakfast, got dressed for the day, and started our chores as we always do.

Christopher, saw the binoculars that my oldest gave to our family, and asked if after his chore he could go out and look..... of coarse I said.... well every time he saw something he would report to me what it was...... mind you he doesn't knowe the names of birds .... but would tell me what color they were.... or even if he saw a deer.... he is a explorer in the making!!!
Dallas, is a little boy that I watch during the week, and while everyone else was creating he was chooseing to build  some thing in his 20 month old mind...... It was nice to see this busy little boy so content to stay still for 15 minutes
Rebekah loves to help with anything she can.... and today we decided with bake cookies... I have usually told her what spoon to use and how much...... BUT this time the fraction cramming  has planted a seed in her brain.... YES!!!!
We even double the recipe and she was able to figue it out..... I was so very proud of her.
And they became the most beautiful cookies ever and a very proud little girl was smiling from ear to ear..... 

So no we didn't do school in a paper sitting kind of way... but we did have alot of hands on learning yesterday.... and it was a wonderful feeling to have and see... I am so greatful that  these children are given to me to raise in the way of the Lord.

Proverbs 22:6

 6 Train  a child in the way he should go, 
       and when he is old he will not turn from it.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Blue Monday

Today I woke up to a very chill morning.

I felt like my lips were cold... blue even.
So today is the day that I put on my favorite blue sweater and my blue jeans.
It make me think of my Mom.... she was a flannel shirt and jeans lady ... weather she had blue flannel or not ... she always had blue jeans on... Men's Jeans because women's didn't have her size  ( she was 6ft 1inch)... she would live and breath in her jeans.. clean house, go to friends, play hop scotch... so many flash memories of her in blue jeans and trying to do so many creative things with so little money and three very eager little girls ( my sisters and me ).

Now I don't have a picture of her in her jeans and I wish I did.. I will ask my sister and maybe i will post one if  I can... welcome to my Blue Monday thought

Take a look at Smiling Sallys Blue Monday link.. It's fun!!

The Simple Womens Day book

FOR TODAY- May 11th, 2009

Outside my window...Is a yard of dandelions waiting to be picked and put in a vase

I am thinking...The house is quiet and peaceful, I hope my the children rest well

I am thankful for... My husband who let me sleep in today

From the learning rooms...Many little and Big things need to be finished before the end of June... Hoping to put a very large dent in the book this week.

From the kitchen... My dishes need to be done... should have done then last night

I am wearing... Blue sweater, Jeans and wool socks... it was cold this morning

I am creating... a color theme for my kitchen... for a some day painting  project

I am going...To worship practice tonight, Wednesday to Marriage class

I am reading...Still plugging away on Sense and Sensibility, and continuing to read through the bible

I am hoping...Clean up my room this week... it has become the catch all

I am hearing...nothing

Around the house...homemade mothers day cards, homeschooling catalog open , Bord game that want to be played

One of my favorite things...Coffee in the morning

A few plans for the rest of the week: Clean Bedroom, Mop floor ... and buy plants  for garden

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Share Your Day book here

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Saying no

I have finally come to the end of saying yes to so many things.

I need to stick to what is important to me and my family.

Spending time with my husband.

Playing games with the kids.

Making good meals for for all that work hard ( Husband and Teens )

Cleaning the house

Working in my Garden.

Having tea with friends.

Watching the kids swim ( yes they have been swimming ... NY Blood)

And I am sure there is more... I need to focus on these things

The most important thing of all reading the word.. and staying in prayer through the day.

Yes Lord I need you in everything!!!1

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My 20 Favorites

20 Of My Favorite Things

1. Color- Denim blue

2. Dessert-Cheese cake
3. Smell-Clorox
4. Flower-Lilacs 
5. Animal-horse
6. Month- November
7. Beverage-Ice Coffee
8. Pair of shoes-My Pink Flip flops
9. Snack- salsa and creamcheese  and tortilla chips
10. Song-Sing , sing, sing - United Live
11. Book-Sense and Sensibility
12. Fruit-Purple Grapes
13. Hairstyle-Layered long
14. Piece of clothing-denim skirt 
15. Store to clothes shop-Yard sale deals
16. Season-Autumn
17. Hobby-sewing , when I can
18. Thing to collect-tea cups
19. Movie-Pride and pedjudice
20. Restaurant-Tory Tavern

This came from The Simple Women
Take a look and share yours.

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