Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Canadian Geese

If I had a camera... I would be taking pictures of the Geese that are all around here..... If I could record there song i would play it for you..... With the Autumn Leaves and the sun and now the Canadian Geese.... all I need to a walk on the crisp leaves and i would be happy..... God is so awsome  ..... His creation is marvalous!!!!


Maureen said...

Fall is a happy season for me, too! A little wood smoke in the air, and the cinnamon smell of apple or pumpkin goodies complete the picture for me!

Mother Hen said...

Is your birthday coming up? You seem to be wanting a camera? Who are the hints for? Do you have lots of readers? Maybe we could all chip in. I'll chip in 50 cents. You should have a camera. What kind do ya want?

Jenn said...

My daughter has a camera that usually use but she has been out and about when I need one. I don't have a lot of readers as far as I know. Also , My birthday isn't until March.... long waiting there.

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