Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Things to do before Turkey day!!!

1) figure out how to make 3 different pies and dinner rolls. 2 pies done 1 more to go... and I am buying rolls lol

2) clean the kitchen floor

3) put some of the Christmas decorations up....

4) wishful thinking that I would like the tree up..... not happening

5) Hoping I can convince Charles to bring a Peperment Mocha Latte for Starbucks home. (don't think that will happen)
Oha while i am doing all of this ... I will be doing school, watching the 1 year old that we watch during the week and then I have to fit Grocery shopping in there at some point.... Hmmmmmm... do you think that maybe I have to much to do?


noah said...

I know this comment is late....but yes you had to much to do! I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! We went to Houston and had a fun time. The cousins were there we played basketball and games. The boys went crab hunting the next morning and Mom Hallen, Cynie and I went shopping and then out for breakfast. Always good to come home you

Maureen said...

Hey there! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We're home, I'll call you tomorrow! Love you all~

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