Thursday, April 2, 2009

ya think?

Well, Tom and I are taking this marriage class at church.

It is great and very informative.... but it also is stirring things up a bit.

Now stirring is ok.. but sometimes it is difficult .

It has brought up some very interesting conversations with tom and I, and even though

It is hard to talk about some of the things I know that it will be for the good of us both.

I'm not really sure why I am sharing this with you all... who ever you all are.

I guess I wanted to just .... tell you that I am thinking about marriage today..... can you tell? LOL


dee said...

Hi Jenn :) I'm here, nursing the baby, traveling the road of blogging homes. I always think of chocolate and coffee when I visit yours...

It's good to talk and think about these things. God's always got the very best for us!

Jenn said...

Yes he does.... and chocolate and coffee... would be good company right now .... lol

Maureen said...

It's good to stir the pot from time to time...You never know what kind of good stuff has settled to the bottom! We got some good laughs from the video--it's good to work at understanding one another. Love ya!

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