Friday, August 28, 2009

simple days

I will be on and off with my blog... I am trying to get myself scheduled and not be distracted by a few things.

My list for the year:

1) must do school

2) must keep house clean

3) must work on sewing ( I like that one)

4) must work on meal plans

5) must make time for hubby

Thats all.... like that isn't enough

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Simple womens daybook

FOR TODAY August 10th , 2009...

Outside my window...Is a rainy day

I am thinking...I wish Chrios would just finish his Chores....uggggg

I am thankful for... Children who do there chores even if they tal the whooooollllle time

From the learning rooms...New books waiting for the new school year to start.... yippeee

From the kitchen...Dishes needing to be done , and put away

I am wearing...sweaty shorts and star shirt... I walked with Tom this morning and havn't changed yet

I am creating... a schedule for this year... and also event planning for the school year

I am going... to worship practice tonight

I am reading...Bible

I am hoping... to get much house work done today, so that i can relax with my sister tomorrow with no worry about things not being done.

I am hearing... Bekah singing White Christmas, Christopher still talking, fans twirling, bird chirping...

Around the house...things that need my attention

One of my favorite things...brownie Sundea.....

A few plans for the rest of the week: haveing breakfast with sisters, going to a musical with kids, and Vromans nose.... I think?

Here is picture thought I am sharing..
Please joing other daybooks here

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