Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Sona....17 wow

We had a 80's theme for her 17th B-day party....notice the neon green leg warmers!!!!!
I am also wearing pink leg warmers.... and Had a load of hair spray and makeup on... I was wearing bubblegum colored lipstick.... to bad you can't see it.
    The cake was made into a Cassette Tape...and had 17 neon candles on it..... it was very 80's
Now some of the hair dues were  very unique... I know they have names... but I am not that hip
The little ones had a blast danceing to the 80's back ground music.... it was so cute to see
This is like a blast from the past..... look at the earings and the makeup.... I love playing dress up


Maureen said...

that was so much fun! Love the crazy face Andrew is making behind you! Thanks for having us! Happy B-day Sona! xo

Mamala said...

Wish we could have been there -- looks fun! Happy Birthday Sona!!

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