Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I long for the simple things

I long for tea outside under my apple tree.... while the kids are playing under there home made tent in the shade.
I wish that I could sit and sew while Company was sipping tea and just enjoying the simplicity of  life , but yet feeling that I have accompished much.
Yes I wish i had chickens ... so that we could have eggs.... not sure what I would do with the chicken after it stopped  laying eggs.....  hmmmm.... I would hope that Carlos would come up soon to make some amazing meal out of our wonderful chicken....he he
I am also hopeing to have a Gaden that is way more then just weeds this year.... I want to plan on having much so that I can feel as though I have provided for the family.
And yes I can't wait to hang out laundry.... I have been hanging in the house .... not having a dryer  I have to plan accordingly to what is needed the most ... and I have to do laundry every day..... I am not cmpaling about not having a dryer ... actually , It feels good that I am not using electicity ..... so there are some of my thoughts today and  until Spring comes....  I will continue to plan.


Mamala said...

I used to hang all my clothes indoors in the winter when we lived in NY, on those wooden drying racks. Not knowing better, I tried using the line outside, but all of the diapers froze. ;0)

Maureen said...

I love tea under your tree! Spring is just around the spite of what it looks like out my window this morning!

dee said...

Tea under a nice, and peaceful just imagining it! PS I have that book :) and yes you may borrow it!

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