Monday, February 21, 2011

A heart with imagination

My title is something that hopped out of my head during a time of lowness. Why do I feel faint in heart. When the wind blows and you stand firm against it, I say I must not give up. But my heart cries out and says HELP ME!

1. My heart does have imagination.

2. My heart is full of hope.

3. My heart is looks to My Father in heaven.

4.My heart feels the hands of protection.

5.My heart sees what the blind does not see.

and then there is His heart.........

6. His heart KNOWS my heart.

7. His heart sees deeper then anyone can see.

8. His heart longs for my my hands to reach out and cry... DADDY!!

9. His heart breaks when my heart breaks.

10. His heart hears those unspoken hurts and pains.. and yet...... He still loves me.

Thank you, Daddy♥

p.s. It is hard to count 1000 gifts I am sure there are many that I don't see. I hope to have my eyes open to His grace and mercy and that is new every morning


t-burn said...

I Love you Dear...

Mamala said...

Jenn, you might like these coops:

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