Monday, February 14, 2011

Looking in from the outside

My trip to Virginia was wonderful in many ways. Having long conversation with many and and even short meaningful words received.

However, I have walked away with a newness in heart and hope that I can express the very thing that I am feeling.

There are four different ways I seen love given, received and remembered.

My first look in was looking into the eyes of one who longs and misses her true love. I see the hurt and pain that is caused by never being able to see or touch her spouse, but received the healing through talking, crying and looking through old pictures of the days that he lived.

Secondly, The visiting on two that are just united and seeing the passion in the eyes of one who truly can't believe that she is worthy of such a love and yet is so blessed to receive such a love. The newly weds have such a gaze that is hard to put into words. It is such a faraway feeling for me, but comes alive when seeing the two who are just happy to have each other.

Thirdly,seeing the eyes of my father look upon his bride of 13 years.And seeing that they are there for each other. She is there for him ,as well as he for her. His silent words speak so loudly to me, and moves me to look at the deeper things that I choose not to look at because of fear.
And last but not least, The love of my grandparents. She is 87 and he is 91 and they just want to be with one another no matter what. She is physically blind, but yearns to hear him breath next to her in there bed. He is unable to walk with out help and just wants to be home with her at his side. She listens to him read there daily devotional, even if he is not clear the words melt into her heart.........I want this, I need this....
So I came home with a newness of heart and my eyes have seen and heard that there is restoration and healing .... and a NEW feeling of love in my heart for Tom Bernhardt... My love.


Maureen said...

Beautiful, Jenn!

Adrienne said...

Don't we all need moments like these to remind us of what is important in love? I wish you nothing but happiness and peace in all your love relationships,
Andrea just showed me a video she is posting on her wall, a love song dedicated to Ruth's all about unconditional love! Yes?

t-burn said...

WOW! My Love!
I am so, So in love with you!!!
What GOD has done and is doing is
Completely amazing.... Thank you Lord
for my wonderful and precious Wife!
I pray that he would pore out on her
more than can be imagined..
In Jesus name...
Your Husband 4ever...

Karen said...

So sweet. Wishing you both a very Happy Valentine's Day!

Amelia@SavoryandSweet said...

Beautiful...your word brought tears to my eyes.

Craig said...

I know it’s Friday and Ann’s “Multitude Monday” was ages ago – but there are so many lists to get through. I’m really glad I made down to yours (even though it's not an official "list" :)

It was inspiring - love seen through four seasons. It's poetic and it takes the eyes of someone who has love to see it the eay you did.

God Bless and thank you

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