Friday, October 28, 2011


Gone is a word that is reflecting in my mind.


GONE, pp. of go; pronounced nearly gawn.

1. Departed.

It was told Solomon that Shimei had gone from

Jerusalem to Gath. 1 Kings.2.

2. Advanced; forward in progress; with far, farther, or further; as a man far gone in intemperance.

3. Ruined; undone. Exert yourselves, or we are gone.

4. Past; as, these happy days are gone; sometimes with by. Those times are gone by.

5. Lost.

When her masters saw that the hope of their gains

were gone---Acts.16.

6. Departed from life; deceased; dead.

I can identify with each of these definitions today.

Yes this is a bit melancholy... Sorry


Maureen said...

So sorry this is a melancholy day. I just realized what the date is. Love and hugs...

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