Saturday, March 8, 2008


Now if you were to ask me who these artists are....I might be able to tell you....but that is not the reason for posting them....When we look at the clouds NY ii can feel so gloomy . There are times when I long to see the sun shining....however with out the clouds there would be no rain and with out the rain there would be no growth.
That makes me think about what goes on in my life......there may be many clouds glooming around ...and then the rain may come and cleanse and refresh my soil......But...the Son is always there even if all I see are clouds, mud and brown colors all around me.....I know that new life is beginning every time it rains and that the Son of God will raise me up from it all.
He is my hope and desire..and my love.


dee said...

Beautiful Jenn...

Anonymous said...

Heartfelt, beautiful words!!!!
I love that top is so peaceful!!!!
love ya...corrie

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