Sunday, March 2, 2008

Belated Friday Product Brag

We are meat eaters in our house. Well some times meat can be a bit pricey . We eat a lot of chicken of course...but my man loves beef.

Well we have been eating Steak Umms for dinner lately....not every night ...but at least once week....they are easy to prepare, just in minutes....fry them up in a pan and you can make steak and cheese sandwiches , or make some beef flavored rice and throw the steak umms in...kind like a casserole...or fry onions and peppers in a pan with the steak umms and serve with rice....

I am sure there are many recipes...and I also buy what is on sale... so some times i go generic .... so if your wanting some beef try this or products like this... enjoy

Where's the BEEF !!!! lol


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