Wednesday, August 6, 2008

School for Three ..... Bekah and Chris part 2

Chris will be doing His History , Science , Bible , Literature, Penmanship and Currant Events with Bekah. However he will be doing other subjects on hi own such as:

Language Arts- Learning Language Arts through Literature by Common Sense Press

Math- Math U See Gamma By, Mr Steve Demme

Music- Drum lessons and Vocal

Art -Various Mediums

I know that maybe some of you are not homeschoolers, But I was feeling motivated to share some of the things that we will do this year. All though there are those ( Maureen ) who know that I might just change my mind..... Lets hope not.


Anonymous said...

I am sipping my nice cool, refreshing iced coffee and reading your blog :)
how is your steaming hot coffee???
love ya, corrie

Maureen said...

Looks like a plan! I've always liked the planning and preparation for the new school year. Shelves all organized, books lined up neatly in a row...xo

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