Wednesday, August 6, 2008

School for Three ..... Bekah and Chris

This is what I am doing with Bekah this year.

Language Arts- Learning Language Arts through Literature by Common Sense Press

Math- Math U See Delta By, Mr Steve Demme

Music- Piano lessons and Vocal

Art -Various Mediums

History/ Geography- Story of the World, MIddle Ages by, Susan Wise Baur/A Book of Discovery by M. B.Synge

Bible- Various readings

Science- Considering God's Creation by by Sue Mortimer and Betty Smith

Literature- Swiss Family Robinson by,Wyss, Johann David ,Treasure Island by, Stevenson, Robert Louis,
Gulliver's Travels by,Swift, Jonathan

Penmanship & Copywork- The Book of Proverbs, 3 to 6 verses per day.

Current events- world magazine


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