Friday, February 8, 2008

Thank you notes

I read this blog today and it made me think about how many times I think I should send a thank you note or even write one's out ( this has happen many times) and never gave them to the wonderful people in my life.

All that being said, today is a new day and I need to go get some notes to start a very new and good habit.


Maureen said...

I think Thank You notes are a much neglected art. Sometimes you just have to STOP, and thank someone. (Ask your kids if they remember last week's lesson)..... :>)

Cassandra said...

I was noddingmy head with this blog when I first read it. I am really bad at responding in a timely way. I have at times kept thank you and sympathy cards on hand. It seems like I never have them when I need them. This is a good reminder!

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