Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tablescape Thursday( Bekah's Style)

Bekah has been planning this in her head since that last time she participated .
I love how she placeed the gloves next to this tea set... how elegant.
The tea and ckae is just waiting for this young lady to enjoy with good comapny ...of coarse.
Bekah felt that the blue tea pot braught oput the blue in the tea cup... what do you think?

Come and see other T ablescape Thursday creativities here


Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

I think Bekah has presented us with a beautiful tablescape!

Mary said...

Oh it' s so beautiful! I love how the gloves are so casually draped across the flowers... and that lace tablecloth is divine!

Maureen said...

I think Bekah is a beautiful young girl with much creativity. We love her, and miss her, and Chris, too. Pox are almost gone.....

Linda said...

Still catching up on viewing tablescapes this week.
Beautiful place to have a wee spot o'tea!
Linda Q

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