Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Laundry room

Yesterday I said that I would clean the laundry room... well i did .
I don't have any before picture but i have after pics.... I am proud.
This is a shelf that I use more in the winter time for boots  but comes in handy for other shoes that seem to flood over in my house... the top shelf holds my detergent and bug spray.

This corner is wear i leave the cat food container... this container i bought years ago with cat food in it and now i just buy cheaper cat food and pore it in.... it keeps in very clean... Tom does not like the smell of it... so it works well...... The mop I use on my kitchen floor... it was a dollar 2 years ago... I like it and it works well... I just use my hands to ring it out.....
The white container is what I use for mopping the floor and the coffee container has small holes on the bottom so that I can put my clothes pin in it.... some times the container get left out in the rain and that is why i have small holes in the bottom.
This shelf is above my washer and dryer ... I use this for my arts and crafts.... well and squirt guns and a microscope... but it is used for these things.

And now to tackle the Linin Closet and the Kitchen closet... that is what I will be working on next.....


lindafay said...

I was going to buy a clothes pin bag but I think I will use your idea and hang my coffee container up by the clothesline. It's cheaper. Thanks.


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