Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A rainy day list

1) Make sure Chris stops talking so that he can finish his hand writing .

2) do dishes... so that I can keep an eye on Chris while he is doing his hand writing.

3) Make a cake for our churches anniversary service..... and hope that Chris finishes his hand writing by then.

4)Clean my laundry room..... todays project!!!!

5) sew a skirit for myself.... tired of wearing the same one all the time to church...hopefully you didn't notice.

6) before # 5 I need to make sure school is finished.

7) take a nap...... yeah right ... I am not sure this one will happen.


Mamala said...

Skip cleaning the laundry room and take that nap!

Maureen said...

so...did Chris finish his handwriting?

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