Friday, September 5, 2008

Organizing and Decorating

These boxes I bought a few years ago... the star box has my wooden blocks for play and the flag box has folded material for future projects.
These two ... I mean three.... have sewing fabric , supply's and colored string for embroidery and cross stitching.... I have many started and not yet finished cross stitching projects....well maybe?
This is an eissal ... not sure how to spell it... well any way I can't wait to try to make dresses and skirts for myself and maybe others... Thanks to Oma!!!!
This is an old sewing cabinet... Tom bought this for me 1yr or so ago.... I love it My machine seems to sit perfectly on top.

This is the hidden drawer that holds thread and needles... underneath I have placed fabric for more future projects.
This is a old fan that Tom grew up with and I am also thinking that this was his fathers growing up..... got to watch those fingers tho.
Here are few of my old books .... I love them as I said earlier.... I do have more... but ... well this is what I have out for now.

This is a mini basket with candles inside for that once in awhile power outage that we get up here. The embroidery was some thing my mom did... it is all made with French knots ..... I have so many other things that I will prob show at another time.


Maureen said...

Beautiful, Jenn! I especially love your star and flag boxes!!!

dee said...

Jenn, very pretty. I love the look!

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