Thursday, September 4, 2008

Small goals.

Now I am not a homemakers dream. I don't have the ability like some to have my house spotless.
Some have the talent of maintaining a home, keeping up with dishes, Laundry, dusting, washing the kitchen floor, the bathroom, master bed room.

Now if you came to my house right now, It is a mess..... My home is not a trash heap ...but it is messy.... If you called and said that your were coming ... I would clean like a mad women .

Now I am setting simple little goals for myself... and i am not sure i want to share them...because of embarrassment..... But, If any of you could share with me your daily schedule for your house , then maybe it will help me with mine.... Am I being selfish by asking?....nah.... I am just trying to figure out why I can't seem to always have a clean house.


Maureen said...

There are days when I pick one large job, like cleaning a bathroom or mopping the kitchen floor (yikes, when was the last time I did that?) Anyway, if I get that one job accomplished I call it a good day. Also, I take advantage of the four laborers in my house. I will set the timer for 10 minutes and tell everyone it's time for the 10 minute tidy. Then everyone runs around the house picking up all the toys scattered across the floor, folding blankets that were used as forts, replacing books torn off the shelf by Matthew, and conquering the clutter that has collected on the kitchen counter, while I vaccum up the days crumbs off the floors. You'd be surprised what 4 kids can accomplish in ten minutes!

dee said...

Hi Jenn!
I wish I were more organized...:/ I usually have basic rythms to the day, and one of them is that my 3 big kids all have kitchen chores after each meal (I rarely do dishes)...unlessI bake in between. I also evaluate what needs doing in early am, and assign each of my big guys 4 chores each after breakfast and Bible...and sometimes one of those assignments is a cooking chore. I try to write them down as I evaluate. For ex. vacuum living room, sweep stairs, bring down dirty laundry. There is no way I could do this all myself! If I can't figure out 4 chores, I check out what the Flylady is up to:) See you soon!

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