Monday, September 29, 2008

This is what we are doing

These ar pillows that i made for my couch ... I made a total of 4 pillows
Sona is working hard ... she has a car , insurance to pay, a job to find, a mexico trip to pay for ..... but yet she is determined to finish school 1 year early.

Chris is hard at work....or should I say trying to be hard at work on his handwriting.... I don't think little boys like to write..... what do you think?
Beka is working on her math at the moment..... is seems to be going really well this year... I am very proud of her as I am of all my children ( sounds like a soap opera)..... It is great to see what God is doing in all of ther lives.

Charles..... I don't have a picture of......but he is hard at work at Best Buy...... He is a hard worker and I am very proud of him.


Maureen said...

We all love you all! Hard working Bernhardts and Reeds...gotta love it.

dee said...

Great job Bernhardts and Reeds. You should be proud Jenn, your children are exceptional people.

I'm sorry I got back so late from the store! :( Sona missed eating with us. I apologize!

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