Monday, June 1, 2009

Simple Womens Daybook

FOR TODAY.... June 1st

Outside my's partly cloudy.... birds are chirping

I am thinking...How God is so wonderfully all things

I am thankful for...My Husband, and a warm house.... it's chilly today

From the learning rooms...Explose the code, Saxon Math, Rod and staff Math and Learning Language Arts through Literature

From the kitchen...are fresh bagels for happy children

I am wearing...Jeans and a wonderfully warm sweater

I am creating...plans in my head for the summer

I am going...To the post office

I am reading...Bible and The God King

I am hoping...for insight 

I am hearing...the ticking of my clock in the kitchen

Around the house...are remnants of toys that need a home

One of my favorite things... is coffe in the morning with my love

A few plans for the rest of the week...... School and more school

Here is picture thought I am sharing...This is a picture of my oldest daughter who ran her first 5K this weekend... she came in 2,160th place ... and her time was 33 minutes 17 seconds.... I am so proud of her.

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UKZoe said...

I doubt I'll be wearing a sweater all week, it's too warm for that here, and that's unusual for this time of year.

Jerralea said...

That's a great photo of your daughter!

Relaxing with our hubbies having a nice cuppa is always great!

Anonymous said...

"How God is so wonderfully all things"

Great is His faithfulness... Indeed! THanks for the reminder that I needed. ;-)

LISA said...

Yeah for the runner. Keep up the good work!
Your learning room contains many items we use in our house.
Have a great week!

Choate Family said...

Coffee and my beloved each morning are also some of my favorite things!

domestic.blizz said...

Isn't it great being all snuggly warm inside on a cool day. Well done for your daughter competing in her first 5K.

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