Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Setting Goals

I have been thinking alot about goal setting.

I find that if I don't set goal for myself  I feel lost
not knowing what direction to go.

 Now I get bord with the same old stuff that I do everyday ( I think I have a attention problem) and i was thinking that I need a goal for myself.... so I decided to start training to run a 5K.... Yes , I know i am crazy.... Yes, i am over weight..... Yes my body is screaming at me.... But this is the goal I am working towards... August 1... there is a 5K in Albany NY... and I am going to do it.... YES.... so watch me limp and grown.... I will do this


Maureen said...

I'm excited for you, Jenn! Yes, you will limp and groan... but you will also feel exhilarated and energetic and young! Perhaps when I am done being mama kangaroo I can join you in a 5K! xo

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