Monday, June 22, 2009

The simple womens daybook

FOR TODAY..... June 22, 2009

Outside my window...are gray clouds, with a breeze that feels heavenly

I am thinking...about the christmas play this year

I am thankful for...a good cup of coffee, Bekah's morning hugs and a peacefully sleeping chicken pox boy

From the learning rooms...finishing up the PASS test this week

From the kitchen...yes... last night dishes are still there

I am running out fit, black running pants, light pink shirt... and i am bare foot at the

I am creating...Christmas plans in my head

I am going...on a day trip hopefully this week

I am reading...The Word

I am finish school this week or maybe next... well, finish meaning most of it... there are subject we will do all summer

I am hearing... Bekah play cards, the fan blowing in the window, birds chirping

Around the house...colored pencils on the table, cuddly blanket on the couch for Chris

One of my favorite haveing coffe in the morning wioth my love

A few plans for the rest of the week:..... finishing testing, road trip ( day trip)....

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Take a look at this blog Grandmother Renn she is having us post our day books over here while Peggy is on vaction


Elena@ Precious Treasures said...

Coffee and hugs sound good to me - love them both. I can't start my day without coffee and can't continue it without hugs from my son, lol - he's 17yrs and still insits on daily hugs :)

This picture is so beautiful.

God Bless,

Ashley and Eric said...

I'm impressed you're creating Christmas plans already! You must be a lot like my mom...she LOVES Christmas and never stops planning for it. She has the best Christmas gatherings too. I'm not nearly that organized. :)

Grandmother Wren said...

That's a lovely picture to share - thank you!

Poor little chicken pox boy - I hope he feels better soon. I'll bet Mom starting to plan for Christmas will cheer him quite a bit! (I've started making Christmas gifts too...sshhhh....)

Thank you for sharing your Daybook at Grandmother Wren's. Please continue to stop by and link in throughout the summer.

Mrs. C said...

I hope the chicken pox is over with soon. Poor guy.

I enjoyed my visit to your daybook and the picture you shared.

Maureen said...

Road trip? Where ya goin'? :>)

dee said...

Yay! A daybook! Hopefully I'll do one later...

Hope you find a great program. Good for you for being so organized. Not my strong suit, so I have respect for folks who get goin like you do. :)

Jerralea said...

Wow, Christmas plans already! I'm impressed.

Sorry you're little boy has chicken pox. We have vivid memories of when our little girl had chicken pox. She got into the jar of ICY HOT muscle pain reliever and rubbed it on all her pox! Let's just say none of us have ever forgotten it!

Bonnie said...

Christmas will be here before we know it. Good planning ahead. I hope your baby gets well soon!

Grandmother Wren said...

Thank you for linking your Simple Woman’s Daybook at Grandmother Wren’s last week.
Please stop by this week and add your link again. I’d love to see this continue throughout the summer, allowing us to stay in touch with other Daybookers during Peggy’s vacation.
Please keep coming back –
I look forward to seeing you!

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